Opportunità e sfide dell’e-business sulle piattaforme internet B2B: l’esempio di Alibaba.com

Bologna, Italy, May, 3, 2007 — Alibaba.com and the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Bologna (API) hosted an informative seminar on E-business in Bologna, Italy on the 3rd of May. The event brought together over 100 delegates from API and Alibaba community from all over Italy.

API and Alibaba.com have partnered to promote to Italian SME´s the usage of B2B marketplace as a marketing and sourcing tool. This initiative involves a number of steps such as the hosting of an e-business seminar, a series of informative articles published on API magazines and a special offer for Trustpass membership.

As part of this partnership, the Bologna e-business seminar was designed to discuss e-business opportunities, e-marketing strategies, Alibaba marketplace and sourcing tools. Invited speakers included, Mr. Giancarlo Inglese, API President; Mr. Mauro Lupi, President of Ad Maiora Spa and Vice President of Internet Advertising Bureau; Mrs Abir Oreibi, Director, International Business Development and Marketing of Alibaba.com; Mr. Giuseppe Covino, President of Mollusco & Balena Srl.

While Mr. Lupi introduced online marketing strategies and the tools available to measure the return on investment, Mr. Covino shared his own experience of e-commerce with a case study.

Abir Oreibi from Alibaba.com, gave a presentation about the opportunities and challenges for SME´s to use online marketplaces to conduct business. Her speech focused on:

E-business and b2b e-marketplaces
E-marketplaces benefits for global buyers and sellers
Perspective and trend on e-business
Evaluation of e-business risks
The benefits of e-business
Alibaba.com marketplaces,services and tools for buyers and sellers
Alibaba.com members’ typology: Gold Suppliers, Trustpass and free members…
The delegates enjoyed a lively and informative seminar and participated actively in raising their questions and concerns; product quality control issues, members trust, Trustpass and Gold Suppliers catalogues, etc.

“I would like to thank you for this conference. It has been an interesting opportunity to meet new persons and to listen about their web projects. I hope that I will make a good use of Alibaba in the future, integrating new products on my website. I also would like to congratulate with Abir for her presentation and I look forward to participating to new events like this in the future.”
Mr. Emanuele Palau, Lavanet.it, Milan

“I am an Alibaba member since few months and I already closed some deals with some Alibaba members. I found the seminar very interesting and informative.”
Mr. Fabrizio Geloso, Deal solutions, Milan

The event ended with a ceremony awards, in which a gift was offered to Alibaba earliest members in the audience and welcome gifts were handed to API newly registered members on Alibaba.com.

“I really appreciated the Alibaba.com presentation and I was glad to receive the award for the longest Alibaba member. I also enjoyed the cocktail after the conference, which gave me the opportunity to meet and discuss with the Alibaba team.”
Mr. Claudio Ancillotti, Webconsulting Strategic Marketing Partner, Padua (member since 2004)

Following the ceremony, guests were invited to share their experience and meet with the Alibaba team at a cocktail.Event photos

Ceremony awards winners

In the event closing ceremony, Abir Oreibi from Alibaba.com handed a present to Mr. Ancillotti who has been a member since 2004.

Mr Ancillotti Webconsulting Strategic Marketing Partner, Padua,
got the “Earliest member award”.



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